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Best Ever Father Daughter Wedding Dance Song “Gotta Let Go”

If you are looking for that special song to dance with your daughter on her wedding day, have we got the greatest new original song ever. Tom Bertling aka “S…

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  1. Loved it made me cry sweet song

  2. Beautiful!!! Everything about it….. lyrics music voice video

  3. if only more people knew how good they were this track pumps me out BTW you can use this to get this music on your ipod >>> bit.ly/128Is44?=mxbjf

  4. your right! this track is the best! BTW you can use this to get this in mp3 ==> bit.ly/10bUqax?=keqal

  5. Love this song

  6. Amanda Cerdeira

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve been having a hard time finding a son for me and my dad, and this song hit the nail on the head…

  7. That song is Amazing. Thank you for sharing. I am getting married in June & just looking for songs to share with my Dad see what he likes for our Dance :)

  8. Kristin Thompson

    i love this song! i’m getting married in august & this song is perfect! thank you so very much for sharing! it’s beautiful! <3

  9. “gotta let go”, or “my baby girl” it’s been called both.

  10. Beautiful song. What’s the name of it. I’m getting married in march.

  11. Now heading over to iTunes…my wedding is next weekend and this is perfect. Thank you for sharing your beautiful song!

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