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Best Wedding Proposal EVER!!

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My name is Master Kim. I am a wedding video editor that likes to share images and videos of weddings from joy to fail and everything in between. If you like Weddings as much as I do; then join me as we explore DoYouTV!


  1. Lovely…

  2. This is sweet

  3. And what he meant when he said he “outdid everyone” is he outdid anyone who has ever proposed to anyone in general.

  4. We are. 😉

  5. We are but thanks for being a douche.

  6. That’s not what he meant. He meant it was our first date and one of the best dates we had so why not get engaged at the place that basically started it all?

  7. Just an FYI for all the haters out there. We have been HAPPILY married for 1 1/2 years, together for 3. We were 20 when we got married. And we now have a beautiful daughter so all of you can suck it. 😀

  8. So the first date was your best time together, eh? If its been declining since then, not sure why marriage was a good choice. That’s just me though

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  10. funny thing is that you look like 13-14 on your picture!

  11. awww

  12. what life :(

  13. getting idea’s for next week :)

  14. you are not alone, brother

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  17. Beautiful…. from nikki in west australia

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  20. my god…really?

  21. bullshit….i bet these fuckers aren´t even togehter anymore LooooolLLLLLZZZ

  22. *tears* watching freaking proposals :”o

  23. “out of all the fish in the sea, sumthin, sumthin Dark side..”

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