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Little Girl Dancing at a Wedding Goes Viral

This little girl is so cute and funny dancing. She has no problem throwing it all out on the dance floor. Great Job to this Little Girl!! Please SHARE this v…

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  1. Found it…..thanks

  2. Yes…everbody knows Chris Winter??? can you be more specific about his channel, so we can find it???

  3. I thought I was good. Can not compete against her.

  4. @ John Jacob, thank goodness he did, so that people like me with an iPad can watch it. 😉 don’t worry, it’s not like he’s taking any credit for it. People just want to see it.

  5. So cute

  6. This girl danced more in this video than I have in my whole life.

  7. John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    I was the first to upload it to youtube because i got permission unlke this guy who stole it, even check my page.

  8. No twerking?

  9. love it. she looks like she is having such fun

  10. I just love this little girl!!Shes so cute,and on beat!Ellen Show here she comes!!;)

  11. I hope they show her this video when she’s a grown women haha she’s gona lafe

  12. Wowwwww she made my day awesome awesome AWASOME

  13. Hans Petter Grongan

    Lovely girl + great moves = cutiest girl ever

  14. She’s the cutest!!!

  15. Like a boss! She owned that dance floor.

  16. She is just too cute:-)

  17. Cutest damn thing I ever saw!! Me and my 3 yr old wound up dancing, and laughing along with this video. If she’s not already in dance class get her in now!! This kids got talent.

  18. Dang look at her go

  19. I seriously, seriously want this little girl to dance at my wedding! She is precious and her parents should be proud. For the jerk with the negative comment I can’t believe you can be so hateful, probably reason you still live in moms basement!

  20. hahaha best little dancer ever can it go universal. and can you cut out the justin biever part? it sucks

  21. Wonder if bride cared if this precious little girl Stoll the show

  22. She’s adorable!

  23. Very cute video -love it !

  24. Amazing so cute

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