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Ryan & Arianna’s Wedding Day – Bride Sings Down the Aisle (Carrie Underwood – Look At Me)

Look at me for more info! This is the video my videographer’s captured of me singing to my husband down the aisle on our wedding day (July 12th, 2013). It is…

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  1. Thank you everyone :)

  2. Thank you! No I am not, but wow that is an amazing compliment. I would
    credit my voice improving through the years to my awesome choir director
    when I was in high school though! She was very helpful. :)

  3. Aw thank you! I wish your daughter Anna and her Ryan the best :)

  4. Aw thank you, you are so sweet! :)

  5. That’s beautiful. You have a great voice.

  6. how absolutely beautiful. thanks for the tears! 

  7. that was so beautiful and romantic… just an amazing gift for your
    husband, and a blessing for all of us to see and hear… 

  8. Wow, sung better than Carrie! Love when Ryan looks at the groomsman so
    proud. Also when Ryan’s dad kisses his mom. God’s blessings to both of

  9. I cant stop playing this over and over. Everything was just beautiful. I
    like your version better than Carrie Underwood I guess cause its so heart
    felt. I wish you many blissful days together.

  10. Very beautiful and sincere!!

  11. This is the sweetest thing I ever seen. made me cry. <3

  12. So unique and absolutely beautiful!! 

  13. This is beautiful couldn’t stop crying :)

  14. That is so beautiful! My daughter Anna is marrying her Ryan just 11 days
    from now. She is too nervous to sing, but girl, you have an amazing voice
    – what an original idea and a beautiful way to express your love for your
    man before all onlookers. Congrats!

  15. wow you gave me chills, so beautiful, best of luck to both of you

  16. I listen to this like 87 times a day. So beautiful and so sweet :)

  17. amazing.. :) 

  18. This is the SWEETEST thing! 

  19. you are simply gorgeous! wow

  20. So adorable!!! Made me cry!! The groom is balling!! <3

  21. Love this! Keep playing it over and over. You have a amazing voice!

  22. Wow put tears to my eyes

  23. Ok you legit sing this better than Carrie Underwood! I thought this was
    simply amazing so I searched her song but you sing it sooo much better! If
    only I could download your version to use it would be perfect :)

  24. the best and most perfect entrance by a bride I have ever seen, touching :)

  25. Such a creative way and beautiful memory of you wedding! CONGRATS! You have
    an amazing voice!

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