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Top 25 westlife songs for weddings !

These are in my opinion the top 25 westlife songs for wedding. You know I love all your comments so feel free to do so but keep them nice. Don’t get offended…

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  1. Armando Mercado


  2. my favorite song ever

  3. I want Westlife singing at my wedding! I will kidnap them!!

  4. y theres no Beautiful in White?

  5. big up! wct lif I like it

  6. stephen piercey

    my sister love’s westlife

  7. isn’t it Shane’s single? not necessarily Westlife’s..

  8. BEAUTIFUL IN WHITe? y is not here ? its also the best song ever for wedding

  9. Khin Zar Lwin Thein

    I can’t believe u didn’t add “Beautiful in White” here.

  10. So awesome and sweet.
    They could have “You raise me up” as one. My aunt got married to that such good choices aswell

  11. Rosebel Gerardo

    so sweet and lovely songs you chose,Nicky!!!!!!!

  12. great job :)

  13. wawankustiawan62

    Wonderfull song

  14. So lovely ,thanks for upload this clip

  15. strawberrysweet2

    This is so lovely…God, i miss Westlife, how awesome were they?!

  16. I love the no.1 song. It is really a wedding song

  17. Best song ever

  18. lovely songs and wonderful match in the wedding.

  19. Ha Thank you! :)

  20. Borj Jamir Santos

    Man! You surprised me at the end! Nice!

  21. Whatever happens, Westlife will be at my wedding. Atleast their voices. Esp Shane’s.

  22. richiel mirabueno

    sana ako nlang ung kinasal

  23. No ‘ill be loving u forever’ and ‘beautiful in white’ ..are u really a westlife fan?

  24. ..i love ol of ur songs,,,,i love it…

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